Blue:398 White:369 Red:361

Slight dogleg left. Use caution on tee shot; it can go through the fairway. Position at corner of dogleg gives medium iron to green.

Blue:344 White:302 Red:288

Long drive can go into the lake. Short iron to green. Keep ball below hole.

Blue:390 White:362 Red:355

Water both right and left side of fairway on tee shot. Medium iron to severely sloped green. Keep ball below hole.

Blue:148 White:141 Red:112

Medium iron to a two level green.

Blue:430 White:419 Red:406

Favor right side on tee shot. Conservative second shot gives wedge to green. Second shot fairway wood or long iron to green. Avoid right side hazard.

Blue:139 White:123 Red:108

Medium to short iron. Avoid the left hazard.

Blue:451 White:433 Red:403

Favor right side of fairway. Severe slope left. Lay-up leaves short wedge to green. Second shot use wood or long iron. Avoid going long. Water across fairway 50 yards out.

Blue:325 White:312 Red:312

Tee shot in fairway leaves short iron to green. Green slopes back to front. Keep ball short of pin.

Blue:340 White:325 Red:302

Light dogleg to the right. Tee shot at dogleg leaves medium to short iron to green with slight rear to front slope.

Blue:461 White:444 Red:403

Tee shot gives medium to long iron lay-up leaving wedge to green. Fairway wood second shot to green. Avoid water left and OB right.

Blue:417 White:409 Red:403

Long tee shot in fairway leaves fairway wood to medium iron to a green that slopes to the right.

Blue:189 White:175 Red:167

Long iron or fairway wood uphill to green that slopes back to front.

Blue:293 White:278 Red:261

Tee shot center fairway leaves a short iron to an uphill green. Don't be short or long.

Blue:140 White:125 Red:110

Demanding tee shot to an uphill green. Water in front of green.

Blue:452 White:431 Red:403

Favor left side of fairway for shot at green. Long iron or fairway wood for second shot. Slightly elevated green slopes left front.

Blue:370 White:356 Red:308

Tee shot center fairway leaves medium to short iron to flat green.

Blue:137 White:111 Red:92

Medium to short iron over water. Windy conditions; select club carefully. Watch tree on left.

Blue:324 White:302 Red:262

Avoid trees off tee. Leaves short iron to green. Elevated green slopes right to left front.